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Suidas, y no "la Suda"
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (92,43 kB)

Ruiz de Elvira Prieto, Antonio

The author defends 'Suidas' as a way to quote the bizantine encyclopaedia vs. 'Suda', proposal mada by Dölger with purely conjectural arguments accepted by Grégoire and Adler.


The Carmina Asisinatia in the Light of Hellenistic Poetry
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (324,76 kB)

Giangrande, Giuseppe

In this essay the author examines epigrams 1, 9, 7 and 3 published by M. Guarducci and discusses some controversial passages.


Algunas precisiones de los Humanistas a la Sátira V de Persio
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (275,57 kB)

Fortuny Previ, Filomena

The nature and difficulty of Persius' work has demanded a wider explanation of the text. This fact has provoked that these difficulties not only been solved but also have been enlarged. In this essay the glosses made by the humanists about controversial points in the Satyre V lines 19-20, 24-25 and 73-75 are analysed, coming to the conclusion that their comments are still in full force and worth considering.


Influencia de la Fedra de Séneca en la Fedra de Unamuno
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (142,71 kB)

Sánchez-Lafuente Andrés, Ángela
Beltrán Noguer, Mª. Teresa

The myth of Fedra, treated in the Spanish Drama by Unamuno is a recreation of the Tragedy Hipolito by Euripides, but also, and above all, the Senecan Tragedy Fedra. The Senecan Stoicism marks are present as well as the conception of human life, either Drama or Comedy. The metaphor of the "Theatrum Mundi" comes from this latin author in the Spanish Literature.


Acerca de la 'consecutio temporum' en las proposiciones consecutivas
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (291,07 kB)

Sánchez-Lafuente Andrés, Ángela
García de la Calera Martínez, Roberto

It comes to the conclusion that the Non-Perfect aspect is the Non-Marked in the past process clauses. It is emphasized that the Subjuntive of the consecutive clauses has true modal value, it has no time indicators although the speaker of the message can use perfect aspect or periphrastic forms to mark the end or the beginning of the action, its frequency is optional since it could be used Non-Perfect aspect verbal forms.


El infinitivo de perfecto en lugar del infinitivo de presente. (Nota a Propercio, I 1, 15; I 17, 1; II 16, 3 y II 19, 32)
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (146,14 kB)

Sánchez Martínez, Félix

Propertius uses a perfect infinitive eight times determining the verbs 'nolo', 'volo' or 'possum', when a present infinitive would have been expected. In this paper the different cases are analysed and new, possible explanations are offered.


Las anotaciones de L. I. Escopa a la obra de Persio
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (302,33 kB)

Amo Lozano, Milagros del

In this essay different comentaries by L.I. Scoppa are analyzed and valorated. They are notes that this 16th. century humanist includes in his work 'In varios authores Collectanea' and they explain some quotations by Persius: pr. 13; pr. 14; I 76; II 14 and IV 22.


Leonides and Love
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (38,51 kB)

White, Heather


¿Griego neotestamentario y traducciones interesadas?
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (287,54 kB)

Artés Hernández, José Antonio

In the light of the Greek and Latin New Testament we reexamine some of the German theologian Uta Ranke's most interesting points of view concerning, for example, Jesus' supposed brothers and, generally speaking, women's role in early christian communities. We infer from evidence of Greek canonical and apocryphal texts that some of her ideas could be finally accepted with a high level of certainty.


Technisches aus Varros Menippeen I: Frg. 25: ein Flugmodell?
Artículo alojado en InterClassica (67,02 kB)

Krenkel, Werner A.


Artículo alojado en InterClassica (329,69 kB)


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