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Ovid, on the Bird of Love (Met. I 452 ff.)

Pérez Vega, Ana

The charm of the Apollo and Daphne myth inspires admiration, particularly in its amatory facet, the aspect which has attracted most attention. But the myth also examines love and pain, alongside the elements of prophecy and virginity, as the true nature of poetry, symbolized by the laurel of Apollo. It also deals with love -and its opposite, the philosophical principles of separation and combination- as primum mobile in a civilizing rewriting of Hesiod and his primary, generative love. Here Ovid fuses the charm of elegy with the cosmogonic hymn, didactic wisdom and the epyllion.


La técnica compositiva en las cantinelas de Santa Eulalia en latín y francés: estudio comparativo

Castro Caridad, Eva María

This essay presents a new view of the two poems by Saint Eulalia found in the famous Saint Amand manuscript, today in the collections of the Valenciennes Library. Both poems are of unusual interest: the first, written in French, constitutes the first vernacular poem conserved; the second, composed in Latin, raises questions about literary genre. The comparative study to follow emphasizes a similarity in the two poems' technique and determines their authorship. Assuming that the poems date from the last third of the ninth century, the essay establishes, in addition, a relationship between Saint Eulalia's writing and the larger poetical and musical revolution then taking place in the region of the old French kingdom delimited by the Jumièges, Réomé, and Saint Amand abbeys.


Heraclitus, Cernuda, and Mr Eliot

Márquez, Miguel Á.


El hombre que se creía de vidrio y la vida como ensueño: breve aparición de dos temas literarios en los escritos de Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576)

Socas, Francisco


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