Accordia Research Papers
Número 9 (2001-03)
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Accordia Research Papers

Under the Volcano

Malone, Caroline
Ayala, Gianna
Fitzjohn, Matthew
Stoddart, Simon

Groups of Copper, Bronze and Iron Age metal artefacts from the Italian collections in the British Museum

Bietti Sestieri, Anna Maria

Diet, mobility and residence patterns in Bronze Age Southern Italy. Trace element analysis of human bone and dental enamel

Tafuri, M.A.
Robb, J.
Mastroroberto, M.
Salvadei , L.
Manzi, G.

Life in Central Italy in the Archaic period

Rathje, A.

Keeping up with the Etruscans? Picene elites in central Italy during the Orientalising period

Riva, C.

Ritual abbreviations in the Etruscan funeral. The red-figured skyphos GR.1952.31 in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge

Roth, R.E.

Delator and Index. Informers and accusers at Rome from the republic to the Early Principate

Lintott, A.

Aerial archaeology of the Tavoliere. The Italian Air Photographic Record and the Riley Archive

Brown, Keri A.

Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese Project: ninth report

Guio, Armando de
Whitehouse, Ruth
Wilkins, John

New radiocarbon dates for prehistoric Italy. Supplementary list 5

Skeates, R.

USA and Italy sign agreement to protect Italian archaeological materials

Papa Sokal, M.

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